All about the artists

Here's a run down on the artists in the group, and a little about their background, plus links to their individual websites.

Rosalind Forster
Ros has been a printmaker and artist for many years. A graduate of Manchester College of Art and subsequently a graphic designer for a short while, she then devoted herself to printmaking. Lino cutting and prints is one of her favoured media but she also works in watercolour and it's fine reproductions of these watercolours that feature here. Spending a lot of time in Greece and Derbyshire her subject matter derives from these locations and is distinguished by a brilliant feeling for light and shade. Ros's work has featured on a wide range of greetings cards, but this is a new opportunity for us to enjoy her watercolour work on a larger scale with large prints to grace any wall.

Sally Williams
As a native of Gloucestershire, it's not surprising that Sally takes her inspiration from the county where she has lived for all her life. Her paintings are in many local collections and are now available here as prints for a deserving wider audience. Her feel for colour and light with a strong compositional almost abstract style gives her work a unique feel.The originals are quite large and she uses all kinds of mixed media to get the feel for the subjects, the River Severn being a particular inspiration as well as other parts of the Severn area.

Julia Midgley
Also a graduate of Manchester College of Art, Julia went on to make a career in teaching as well as printmaking and drawing. Working in the North West she has a fine reputation for producing what appear to be simple images, but which have a graphic power and simplicity that is always pleasing on the eye. They make for powerful and evocative prints. In addition, her watercolour landscapes have a distinctive original feel for colour and composition. The basis of all her work is an unrivalled drawing ability. As well as work for print, she has also a fine portfolio of reportage drawing.

Al Blethyn
Al had a long career in graphic design and advertising and built up a fine reputation in those disciplines. Recently he has turned his hand to more pure drawing and image making with pastels and other mixed media. His strong graphics background comes through to his pieces here and a great feel for colour and composition. Inspired by landscape and more abstract studies, he likes to look for new ways to entertain and stimulate the viewer. His work is available as prints either from here or directly from his own website.

Elisabeth Le Vierge
Studied at Birmingham College of Art in Fine Art, and was much influenced there by the work of Antonio Tapies.Elisabeth's work is also inspired in part by the landscape of Shropshire and of France where she was a frequent visitor. Strong and energetic application of colour and a feel for composition make for a varied and fascinating portfolio of work, from the very abstract to the more traditional landscape. Her originals are in a mix of media, mainly acrylic, but some oils. They make an interesting and arresting range of images. 

Graham Brace
Graham is recognised as one of the very top exponents of the art of drawing in colour pencil. It is at times, difficult to understand exactly how he manages to create such detailed and hyper-real images from the medium. Together with a fine eye for detail Graham has a strong visual sense and feel for composition which makes his work even more impressive. Featured on this site are his 'water's edge' images which are inspired by the coastline of his native Pembrokeshire.

Edward Davies
The only photographer in the group, Edward's unusual images taken from the ordinary items around us, give us the chance to examine more closely what we are seeing and the way we see it. Something of a recluse, he is little know in the country and has been described as 'somewhat irascible', and 'difficult'. It has been indeed difficult to get from him exactly what inspires his view on the world, but his images are very striking and make for great prints.

Steve Parker
Strong drawing skills and a confidence with the medium are the hallmarks of Steve's strong and sensitive pieces. Figure drawings and life drawings as well as some energetic landscapes, make his work an ideal candidate for display on the wall. His background in the graphics field comes through in these lovely pieces of work. This is the first time his work has been available as larger prints. Steve is the only artist in the group without a website, as yet.

 Alison Merry

Alison's wonderfully detailed watercolours are a labour of love, quite different to many artists these days. They tell stories and fables from years gone by, many of them with a religious theme. Some of her work will feature here quite soon.


If you have any questions of the artists then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact form and your enquiry will be passed on to them. Most of them are available at times for commissioned work. 


You can visit all the artists individual sites where some sell prints from there too, by clicking on their names. You can also see there the full range of their talents. Feast your eyes.