Making the banal look brilliant

Posted by Paul Davies on

Some would say that there is something a little banal about paintings of flowers in a vase but there are exceptions. Van Goch's painting of sunflowers was hardly banal, but one can understand how it would be thought. One only has to go around the local art club collection to see some pretty grim examples of the art. Rosalind Forster has a passion for flowers and somehow manages to make her paintings of the subjects far from banal. Like in a lot of her work it's the light she brings to the image that makes them stand out, as well as the composition. With her skills as a watercolourist and sense of design the images simply shine off the page. Well known for her lino cut prints, to which she brings the same sense of design and light, we have on this site just her watercolours, many of which are now in private collections. Why not make one or two of these into your own private collection? Printed on the very finest gyclee papers the prints are amazingly sympathetic to her original paintings. 

It's also worth looking around at her landscapes too.


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